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Determination is the key to the success of Carlos Luis in whatsoever he does. He hails from Varca, Goa. His devout parents gave him the sense of God and developed in him the desire to follow God closely and that is the reason why he is presently studying for priesthood in Prabodhana, Pallottine Centre for Theological and Religious Formation, Mysore. From an early age he wanted to become a writer and thus he grabbed every opportunity to write what his heart said. He is also an eloquent public speaker and debater mesmerizing the audience by his creative display of thoughts. What marks him different is his ability to multitask. He is presently studying, reading and writing book reviews, short stories and poems, and freelancing for newspapers in and around Mysore.

Here we go with our questionnaires, Let’s get started.

Carlos Luis


1. First tell us about yourself and what is your alma mater?

It is always difficult to describe oneself nevertheless I shall make an effort to do so. I am a friendly person to be with and interact. I love to share the knowledge I gain from my reading and writing, which in other words says that I am a voracious reader as well. I love to multitask and that helps me to develop my acumen. I am a topper in English literature from Loyola College, Chennai. It is the place where I really cherished literature.

2. What do you write about?

I write about everything that touches my heart, more so my experiences, my observances. I also write more often about nature because I truly believe that it teaches a lot many things about life. And you will see traces of it in my debut book “Rays and Ripples”.

3. What made you to start writing?

I began writing poems at first for competitions organized by ‘Vision’ magazine in Goa and to my luck I won the third place, from then on I started writing for school magazines etc. Later I attempted sending a short story to ‘The Hindu’ newspaper and they published it for which I received my first Cheque as a payment and my happiness knew no bounds, then on I never looked back.

4. Are you thinking of making your writing, your profession?

Forget about making it my professional, it is my life. I cannot breathe without writing. There was a time when I used to think on what I must write, but today I think when shall I write about this and that? The story ideas are just popping up. I thank God for the same.

5. If you have not started writing, then what were you doing right now?

I would be singing or acting in some drama, because after writing I love to sing, and act as well. I would also be delivering lectures at different colleges as a professor.

6. What is the easiest and toughest time faced on the journey of becoming a writer?

The easiest time was to get my thoughts onto paper. The toughest time was to get the work edited and polished. To read it and rewrite it. To later search for a suitable publisher. But once this is done again the cycle begins of the easiest and the toughest time.

7. How do you approach to the concept of the book/story?

Before I begin writing a story I have already decided upon my story line and the conflicts that will happen. I do this first of all to orient my story towards a moral lesson that one must draw from it and most often to not to digress. So basically the story takes its shape in my mind, I think and ruminate about it, and then at last sit and write at a stretch. Revising and editing is the next process.

8. How do you give titles to the book/story?

As per my first book I decided upon the title after much reflection. I thought may be it should give a hint to what the book will contain for my reader to take a chance upon it. And certainly a title must be attractive as per the genre. Since my first book is a collection of poems and short stories I thought of giving it a title that would create powerful imagery in the readers’ mind.

Cover Page: Rays & Ripples

9. Do you target a particular audience for your book/story?

Yes, my first book is targeted towards the youth. I truly hope that it will be a ray to them and help them in their various tasks.

10. Did your family support you?

My family; my parents and my brothers, and the Pallottine family; the fathers, brothers and sisters were always supportive in whatsoever I did in this field of writing. I never lacked encouragement and guidance from them. Thus this first book is dedicated to them with love.

11. Describe your objective of writing in 3 words.

Reveal Heal Perfect

12. Are you satisfied with your work?

I wouldn’t say satisfied because everytime a literary work I produce, it sounds to be better than the previous. It is a gradual process of perfection and I am happy that I am doing my best to perfect myself everyday through my writing. So satisfaction doesn’t stop me or it is not my end.

13. What’s your message for the aspirants in this field?

I always believe in doing what my heart loves to. So I would advice my fellow aspirants to follow their heart and just do you love with love. We do not become famous all of a sudden or produce a piece that is perfect at the first instance, it happens gradually. Write everyday atleast a paragraph and in a month’s time you are sure to have bettered yourself. Determination takes us a long way so I would insist fellow aspirants to love writing and be determined to deliver something special for your reader.

14. How can readers discover more about you and you work? 

My Book

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Thank You! Carlos for giving us your precious time. Our reader will get to know a lot about you through this interview. We, along with our readers, wish you a very successful future ahead. Keep writing, and keep entertaining us through your books.


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