Interview With Priya Mishra – The Girl With Mischievous Dream

1.  Journey from Jamshedpur to Mumbai, how was it?

I belong to a conservative middle class family so intially It was very tough for me to prepare myself  to put this thing in front of parents , they did not get covniced in the first but it further motivated to prove myself and than I grabbed miss jharkhand tittle 2013 and my parents saw the spark in me and finally the ticket to dream city got confrimed .

2.   Define Priya in 3 words?

Simple , versatile , passionate.

3.  Tell us about your upcoming projects?

Currently I have done two movies which will be realeasing in the coming month

1) kya tera kya mera (As in lead)

2) Ajab singh ki gajab kahani

4.What’s your strength and weaknesses?

I am very hard working and when I decide something I do it at any cost , I am a person who lives on my commitment . when it comes to weakness  I will say my strength is my only weakness because  get so indulge to complete my commitment that I have lose many thing because of this .

5.  If you were not an actress then what were you?

If not an actor than nothing because since my childhood I have dream to be an actor .

6.  Your role model?

I adore Priyanaka chopra a lot , because we have quiet few things in common , most importantly we belong to the same city and secondly she has also faced racisim in her initinal life  and I have been the victim of the same but instead of this she has turned out to be one of the best in bollywood and this inspires me  .

7.  Your ultimate goal?

World wide recognition

8.   Any messages for upcoming people in same field?

Think wisely before choosing this flied  because  it a takes a lot of time plus people  lose theiir patience in the midst and meanwhile because of frustation choose wrong to survive .

9.  If you were ask to make full form of Priya what would you have made
suiting to you?

P – Passionated

R- Reliable

I- Impressive

Y- Young

A- Attractive

Kumar Kaustubh

Kumar Kaustubh

Kumar Kaustubh is an Indian author and has pen downed 6 novels and more then 500 poems. A passionate author and aspiring journalist.

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