Be Positive

I looked at the watch it was showing nine past twenty minutes of day I was already late by 5 minutes, I reached classroom running as fast as I can, I find no one body in the lecture theater then I knocked my head ‘oh yes sir has called us in the seminar hall’ I self-spoke. My foot stepped accelerated towards the seminar hall. I was in so hurry that I forgot to take the permission from sir to get entered in the class. I took my seat and sir was busy in arranging the set up for the presentation. Meanwhile I heard a voice from back ‘May I come in sir? I turned my head towards the voice. It was Vivek at the door step ‘Yes’ sir replied.
After taking the attendance Computer sir started his lecture but nobody in the class was interested in listening to him. Prawal was yawning widely, Riya had almost slept, Megha was nodding her head, Nisha was looking blank at the screen and I was physical present and mentally absent.
Sir noticed our fainted dilemma faces ‘Nobody seems to interested in taking lecture today’ Sir said.
No body uttered even a single word but Prawal drowsed intensely.
‘Look I know you all are journalism student and I know you all least interested in taking this lecture but what’s harm in learning’ Sir thuds ‘Tell me what you all will call Kanyakumari I mean its situated in which part of India?.
‘Southern-most end of India’ I replied.
‘That is the point where you all are lacking in’ Sir said ‘Now assume that you are standing in Kanyakumari and now turn back and see what are you seeing now?
Everybody remained silent ‘Come on say’ Sir asked.
‘Don’t know’ all nodded their head in no.
‘Turn back and see you can see whole India and that can assumes to be staring point of India see the difference between positivity and negativity for some it’s the ending point of India but for me it’s the starting point of India similarly you all think computer education has no use in your stream but what’s harm in taking the knowledge’

Kumar Kaustubh

Kumar Kaustubh

Kumar Kaustubh is an Indian author and has pen downed 6 novels and more then 500 poems. A passionate author and aspiring journalist.

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