As In love As Never Before

As in love as never before
I had decided to ignore you
stay far away from my shadow
but why did you stared me
why did you smiled
why did you whispered in my ear I love you
why did you say that
my life got fully changed
with closed eyes I see you every where
with opened eyes I want to see you every where
I wanted to see you smiling all the time
I was under the sun staring you, my nose was bleeding
why did you cried at that time
my heart suddenly started beating your name
the madness which we have done in temple
it shows that we both are nerds
how to describe your beauty
I am a writer with few words
now you are my love
you are my life
you are the reason that I survive
I wants to walk with you
on the edges of sea shore
now I am in love with you
as in love as never before

Kumar Kaustubh

Kumar Kaustubh

Kumar Kaustubh is an Indian author and has pen downed 6 novels and more then 500 poems. A passionate author and aspiring journalist.

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